Team Suicide Prevention Team Spreads Hope Across American in The Race to Save Lives

Team Suicide Prevention includes medical professionals, former policymakers, retired executives, retired first responders, tradesmen, disabled veterans, women, men, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters, all of whose lives have been significantly altered by suicide or have close ties to those who have. They are racing in the most challenging endurance race to raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental health issues, highlight those who work on the front lines of this battle, and spread hope across America. Team Suicide Prevention is proud of supporting key organizations on the front lines and in the trenches, In The Race to Save Lives. These organizations, Hope Is Oxygen, and The Coffee Bunker, stand with Team Suicide Prevention and will be the recipients of their fundraising efforts. While racing and working with these organizations, they will produce a documentary video we envisioned viewing by our families, friends, supporters, and followers. The video will highlight and bring awareness to the beautiful work of the organizations that their team supports, along with the life-changing stories of individuals who share their experiences of struggles, healing, and hope.